The general principles

At disease by a cancer at the patient two ways – will address to official or alternative medicine. Both those, and others on treatment don't give guarantees. I offer the third way. To teach people, how to avoid this illness. So, the cancer starts violent growth of malignant cages which press and smother normal cages of the person. Why malignant cages start to grow violently, and normal cages can't resist to it?  Let's contemplate a problem it is generalized.
The person is a mechanical system, about video and audio bodies, and ability to distinguish smells. This of systems copes the biological computer, and has properties of self-restoration and reproduction. That the system lived, the corresponding temperature, oxygen, milk and vegetables is necessary. For comparison, we will consider alternative system which probably to create by means of achievements of modern technologies is a robot. That such robot to create, it is necessary to connect geology, for search and mining operations, metallurgy for reception of alloys, the chemical industry for plastic, the industry of semiconductors, electronic industry, numerous design offices and laboratories with the prepared experts, operational services for service of electronics and programs. Here also compare, on the one hand oxygen, milk and vegetables, and with another powerful industrial and scientific conglomerates.

Ridiculous inequality. But from philosophical views of a category of quality and quantity are closely interconnected. Therefore there were opening of chromosomes, genes, DNA and many other components of a cage of the person.
Only, if robot functions are completely clear, functions of genes, chromosomes and DNA the science only has started to study.

Now cloning process when from one cage it is possible to receive a biological organism is studied. Each cage means contains the identical information on all bodies and properties of the person. Using this information, the cage changes and breeds. Thus the body of the person is created. It is necessary to operate process of reproduction of cages in three-dimensional space. The spiritual project of the person in three-dimensional space on which functional bodies are created is for this purpose necessary. Easier, it is possible to explain it so. For example, you wish to mold a figure of the person from plasticine. At first, we represent in mind what will be this figure. And then, on an image which at us in mind, we start to mold.
Also there is a robot creation. At first the engineer represents the robot in mind. And then, on this image creates drawings and the robot.
Pay attention! The person does something according to image, which at him in a head. And the cage creates the person on an image which is in space.

 And here it is accurately looked through two distinctions - material elements of building (cages of the person, robot elements) and spirituality of the project (in spiritual space for cages, in mind of the person for the robot).
Thus, the person is created, and lives at the expense of mass division and modification of cages which create a body of the person in space. I will underline once again, not only divisions, but also modifications of cages as each body and fabrics of the person consist of different cages. By analogy, for example, build the house of bricks which happen simple, front, fire-resistant.
But at the person images are formed in a head. And where the image for cages is formed?  
Here again we come nearer to concept – biological space. Interaction of a biological field and nuclear material cages leads to occurrence and development of biological life. In our case – the person. It is possible to confirm this statement with a following fact. Everyone has a cellular telephone which is created from atoms. But all know that the cellular telephone is useful, when cooperates with an electromagnetic field. Thus only interaction of two various matters, creates life, process.
The biological field, as well as electromagnetic field penetrates all space of space. And there, where there is a water and low positive temperatures, there is a biological life. And the person, is a version of biological life.

As it is known, in the live biological nature always there are deviations from normal development. It occurs because of infringement of the information which is written down in a code of a cage of a live biological kind. The biological field reads this spoiled information and creates the deformed spatial image.

At the person it is expressed in the deformed representation in space of that, or other body. This distortion is expressed not only in shape, but also in a version of cages. In other words, in a human body cages alien to him start to develop. And as these another's cages not native to a human body, in a code of a cage there is no information on how to struggle with them. Therefore, these another's cages, without obstacles, and gradually smother all native cages of the person.
How to stop this process? At first we will disassemble the reasons of occurrence of this process. For this purpose we will consider the human life environment.

  The biological field exists in severe conditions of space. Therefore, the climate of the Earth doesn't influence a biological field. There are only cages of the person. Cages of the person very strongly depend on environment.  Namely, from food, from air, from a condition of the person. In the modern conditions, all these three components, are very far from natural life.
Fresh food, the person any more doesn't use for a long time. Meat and fish many months are stored in the refrigerator. Vegetables too. Besides, by manufacture of these products, chemical components are used. The person used absolutely other food, many thousand years. Therefore cages of the person start to lose function of interrelation with a biological field. Besides, in air the chemical impurity which enter into cages of the person, and also breaks their ability to live. The person has appeared among the wild nature and  inhaled fresh air. Modern life forces to exist the person in intense conditions. The stressful condition, is a mode of the maximum energy of cellular system.  Long-term stay in such mode, leads to an overload of nervous cages. All these modern cataclysms lead to disruption of communication between a cage and a biological field. Visually, it is possible to present it so. Put a mobile phone under beams of the sun and heat up him. You will notice bad work of phone, after that. It is possible to tell, communication between elements of phone and an electromagnetic field was broke. If often to do it phone will die. And when communication between a cage and biological area is erroneous, reading of the information from a cage is broken. And as a result, the rejected image of body of the person in space of a biological field is created. And this image is filled with division of the rejected cage. So the cancer tumor is formed. The general processes in wildlife are evident, also the simple.

Ways of protection against a cancer

Above, the mechanism of occurrence of a cancer has been considered. Let's consider in more details separate elements of this mechanism.  So, the biological field is stable at any state of environment.  And here the condition of cages of the person is very dependent on environment.  Direct beams of the sun, the chemical food, the excited efforts - all it breaks functions of cages. Let's consider food which is used by people now. It is natural food of long storage or chemical concentrates.  Now will pay the attention to the wild nature. In the wild nature of such food isn't present absolutely. Also it is noticed, at people who and now live in conditions close to the wild nature, disease by a cancer are rare. There is a question. What is the fresh food?
I confirm. Fresh products - meal which hasn't left biological area. In other words, it is live food.

Concentration of a biological field in such food, above, than in environment. That is why, when the person uses such food, concentration of a biological field in his cages too raises.


It promotes high level of interaction, between cages and a biological field. And the probability of occurrence of a cancer cage is reduced to a minimum. But not only the use of live food protects from a cancer.  All the live vegetation draws biological area and radiate him. The evident analogy is in an electromagnetic field.  All know, how metal draws an electromagnetic field. Besides, if a metal subject to move in an electromagnetic field, in him arises электрический ток (life).

  Therefore, when you walk on a grass, or under of trees your cages receive an additional portion of energy from a biological field.

  With it anybody won't argue.
And at last, about stressful conditions.  In modern life, it becomes the mass phenomenon.

The stressful condition speaks so. At the moment of stress, cages of the person give all to energy on process of physical self-preservation. On communication with a biological field of energy doesn't remain. And the bad connection of cages of the person with a biological field, causes occurrence of cancer cages. In general, if people organize life so that meal, rest corresponded to natural character.  That, illnesses a cancer will be very rare. It isn't difficult for making. In more details all methods of protection are presented in the book

Three simple rules which will reliably protect you from a cancer.

To carry out them it is necessary every day - in it complexity!

Rule No. 1. Every day fresh natural products (no more than 9 days of storage).
Rule No. 2. Every day is near live green plants.
Rule No. 3. Every day to avoid stresses and big physical activities.