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The expert in the field of information technology, electromagnetic and biological fields. Worked as the leading expert and the deputy director of institute «Radio engineering and electronics» in St.-Petersburg.


1. It is well-known ability of some people to predict the future. This phenomenon can't be based on a nuclear matter. It is obvious that some people are capable to feel a code of field (“living matter”) which permeates the whole space and controls the processes of biological life.

2. It is known that kosmic bodies fall to the earth over millions of years. The nuclear structures of kosmic- and earthly bodies are identical. Biological kinds of life, most likely, don't differ also. Biological kinds of life are the products of development in an infinite space of time.

3. Medicine as a science is known for several thousand years but biological life is working out the ways to protect themselves during of infinite amount of time.

4. Everyone knows that the electromagnetic field permeates the entire Universe. But if we begin to shake a metal nail, in this field there will be an electric current , in another words, life. Therefore , here electromagnetic field interacts with a nuclear matter.

5.The humankind has excellent videos, audio, various and complex mechanical systems, is capable to distinguish different smells, can consider and analyze and all of this is controlled by the biological computer – the human brain. People and their brains are created from organic compounds according to the laws of nature (the Universe). On the other hand, it is necessary the cooperation of scientific and huge industrial companies and industries to create even the primitive robot.

6. If it need something to make, at first we must create an image of forthcoming process. This image doesn't consist of a nuclear matter. It is striking example of interaction between the field and matter .

7. A huge variety of biological life on the Earth can't be created in a finite interval of time. This processes took place, and have been continuing in infinite space of time and in infinite quantities of places of the Universe.

   The methods of the analysis and comparison of known laws and natural phenomena are described in the book. It is shown that cancer should not be on the earth. There are many methods of protection of this disease around us. Author describes consistently as anyone can find and use these methods.
There were similar incidents in history. Medicine could not cure scurvy during hundreds years, and thousands people were dying.   Only more recently, everyone have begun to see clearly – many kinds of medicines have always been around us which can cure scurvy. Now everyone knows and uses them. A similar situation takes place with cancer. People should forget this fatal disease. It is the extremely simple to make it. It is written in this book and everyone can do it.

Defeating cancer easily

    My concept – a cancer, is reaction of an organism to infringement of natural style of life of the person in the surrounding biological environment. The change of cellular functions of the weakened or damaged human bodies is the reason of cancer. Let's consider the basic property of the biological environment. The biological environment is consists of two kinds of different matters. First is a nuclear matter described by Mendeleyev's table. Second is the biological field ("a living matter") permeating the whole Universe.
It follows that human or any organic life may be possible when nuclear cages interact with a field of "living matter". For an example, the same situation is in an electromagnetic field. Any cellular telephone consists of a nuclear matter, but it "lives"(works) only while interacting with an electromagnetic field.
Thus, the main reason of cancer is the infringement interaction between nuclear cages of the human and the field of "living matter". In order to prevent cancer, the human should strive to wildlife as much as possible. It is easy to make.
The first, the part of daily food should be absolutely fresh. The second, it is necessary live and have a rest near green plants. The third, one should avoid of stressful situation in life. These three recommendations will help you don't be ill with cancer.
You can often hear. Can it be so easy to defeat this terrible disease? No! This apparent simplicity. Most people in modern conditions is difficult and expensive to include in the daily diet of fresh food when storage one week (with the "bush"). And only such food contains live biological field, which is essential for the maintenance of energy cells. For example, the predator eats the prey in nature, at once, and herbivores graze the green grass. And the peoples to lived in this way of many thousands of years.
And now, even in the villages people eat food from the long-term storage and refrigeration. And so it is necessary not only to change habits, but also to change of system food supply. It's a long process. What do people now? The solution is. At present, is highly developed technology of the greenhouse cultivation of green crops - onion, parsley, dill, lettuce. These cultures cannot be stored for long periods in fresh form, and they immediately get on the table. Need to eat it every day!
In addition, we should understand that is not only food supports the livelihoods of human cells. The human body must be located in the biological field produced by other biological species. Basically it is the field produced from the green foliage of plants. At home, you need to breed plants with lush green foliage and place them around the workplace and the beds but not on window sills. Their energy will nourish your cells energy.
Well, what about stress, here, and no need to explain their harmfulness.
Carrying all this, you will not only protect against cancer, but also get rid of many other diseases.

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